Round corner crystalline silica powder

Round corner crystalline silica powder

Round corner crystalline silica powder

【基本说明】:Round corner crystalline silica powder refers to the ɑ crystal silicon dioxide material made of crystalline silica powder by the process of round corner. It has better liquidity than crystalline silica powder.


>Basic characteristics of Round corner crystalline silica powder:

ItemUnitTypical Value
Appearance/White powder
Particle morphology/Round corner
Mohs Hardness/7
Dielectric Constant /4.65(1MHz)
Dielectric Loss/0.0018(1MHz)
Coefficient of Linear Expansion1/K14×10-6
Thermal ConductivityW/K·m12.6
Refraction Coefficient/1.54

>Crystalline silica powder can be sorted on basis of following characteristics and prepared as required by customers:

ItemIndex of CorrectionIntroduction
PuritySiO2contentAvailable within 98.0-99.9%
Ion impurityNa+、Cl-,etcCan be reduced below 3ppm
Particle size distributionD50          Available within D50=0.5-50µm
Particle size distributionMay be adjusted on basis of typical distribution as needed, including multimodal distribution and narrow-range distribution.
Appearance characteristicsWhiteness and transparencyWhiteness is within 60-98, high-transparency product is available.
Surface characteristicsHydrophobicity and oil absorptionTreatment agent of different functions may be selected as needed by customer