Novoray Corporation Materials Safety Data Sheet(SDS)-DF


1﹑Product and company identification

Product name:Fused silica powder
Product specification :DF series(including FS*/DRG*/DRHG*)
Company name : Novoray Corporation
Address :No.6,Zhu Jiang road Xinpu Economic Development Zone,Haizhou District,Lianyungang,Jiangsu,ChinaPost Code :222346
Tel:86-518- 85846000Fax:86-518-85846111
Emergency Tel / Fax:86-518-85846000/ 86-518-85846111
Recommended use: mainly used in epoxy resin encapsulation material, castable, potting compound, coating, ceramics, silicon rubber, electronic and electrical engineering with packing, etc.
Limit use: no

2﹑Hazard identification

GHS/CLP classification:
Physical risk: no classification
Health hazard: category 1
Environmental hazards: no classification

GHS/CLP Labels:

Dangerous statement:
H372: long-term or repeated inhalation can cause silicosis.
P260:Do not bresthe dust.
P285:In case of inadequate ventilation wear respiratory protection.
P501:Dispose of contents/containers in accordance with local reaulation.

Invasive ways: inhalation, absorbed in their diet.
Environmental hazards: currently, especially adverse effect has not been found.
Explosion hazard: this product not burning explosion.

3﹑Composition/information on ingredients

Chemical CompositionMineral CompositionCAS  №EINECS  №Mass Fraction %
Silica(sio2)White quartz powder60676-86-0262-373-899.0 or higher

4﹑First aid Measures

First aid methods of different exposing pathways: No action to be avoided ,nor special instruction for rescuers.
Ingestion :No special first aid measures. In case of careless inhalation, move to excellent ventilation space and breath fresh air. In case of decompensation, consult a physician immediately.
Skin contact :no special first aid measures necessary ,wash with clean water.
Eye contact :Wash with copious quantities of water or normal saline. In case of hypersusceptibility or discomfort, consult a physician urgently.
The food enters: Drink enough warm water or induce vomiting.
The preventive measure of first-aid personnel :non.

5﹑Fire fighting measures

Characteristics of danger:can react with ClF3,MnF3,F3O.
Harmful product of combustion :incombustible.
Fire fighting method and fire-extinguishing:incombustible.
Fire fighting precautions :non.

6﹑Accidental release measures

Environmental precaution :no special requirement.
Environmental precaution :no special requirement.
Methods for cleaning up: Avoid dry sweeping and use water spraying or ventilated vacuum cleaning system to prevent dust formation.

7﹑Handling and Storage

Handling :Avoid dust formation.
Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation at places where dust is formed. In case of insufficient ventilation, wear suitable respiratory equipment. Preferably work out silica powder through wet processes or with machines working under vacuum system.
Your supplier can advise you on safe handling, please contact him.
Storage :Ensure trapping of dust produced during the loading of silos.
Keep containers closed and store the bagged products in a way preventing accidental bursting.
Specific use:When mixing with other substances the above mentioned safe handling advice shall apply.

8﹑Exposure Controls

Project control:production process airtight ,insure good natural ventilation.
Exposure limit values:There is no special data for fused silica in national standard. Please take the reference of crystalline silica.OEL(Occupational Exposure Limits) for respirable crystalline silica dust in the workplace atmosphere is 0.5mg/m3 (total dust) and 0.2mg/m3(respirable crystalline silica dust) in China.For other countries please refer to the local laws.
●occupational exposure controls : Provide appropriate exhaust ventilation and filtering at the places where dust can be generated.Wash hands before breaks and at the end of the workday. Remove and wash soiled clothing.
◎respiratory protection:Wear a personal respirator in compliance with nation legislation.
◎eye protection:wear safety glasses with side-shields.
◎bodily protection:no special requirement.
◎hand protection:wear latex gloves.
◎other protection:have a bath at the end of working ,keep a good healthy habit.
●environmental precaution:no special requirement.

9﹑Physical and chemical properties  

Appearance :solidShape :powder
PH value:4.5-6.5Saturation steam pressure value (kPa):1.33
Melting point:1750℃Boiling point:2230℃
Density(g/㎝3):2.20Solubility :does not dissolve in the water,acid,dissolves in the hydrofluoric acid

10﹑Stability and Reactivity

Possible harm reaction under special condition :HF,NaOH, ClF3,MnF3,F3O.
The substance avoided :ClF3,MnF3,F3O.
The destructive resolvent :no

11﹑Toxicology material

Acute toxicity :no
Sends toxicity :no
Chronic toxicity or long-term toxicity﹕no

12﹑Ecotoxicological information

Possible effect to environment: No specific adverse effect known.

13﹑Disposal considerations

●waster from residues / unused products:
Can be landfilled in compliance with local regulations .The material should be buried to prevent airborne respirable dust being emitted, where possible, recycling should be preferred to disposal.
In all case dust formation from residues in the packing should be avoided and suitable work protection be assured.Use sealed receptacles / store rooms.
Recycling and disposal of the packing bags such as the paper or PE bags should be tacken charged by a competent waster disposal company .

14﹑Transport information

Dangerous goods number:Non classificationUN number:/
Packaging mark:/Packaging kinds:/
Packaging methods:Coated plastic woven bag,paper bag, contain bag and so on,net weight of a bag or drum are 20±0.2 kg,25±0.25 kg, 225±2.25 kg,500±5 kg,1000±10 kg and so on.
Transport precautions:Guarantee the packages not to be damaged. Avoid it to be loaded or transported together with ClF3,MnF3,F3O and so on. Avoid exposing to sunlight、rain、high temperature on transportation.

15﹑laws and regulations material

General laws and regulations:Occupational exposure limits for hazardous agents in the workplace(GBZ 2.1-2007).

16﹑Other information

Reference literature:
Date of Original Version:11th,Sep.2006 Department: Quality Assurance Dep.
Date of Latest Version:11th,Apri.2016Revision explanation:According to GB/T16483-2008 the MSDS to SDS.
Version:FData checked by:Novoray Corporation
Other information:
Such SDS is compliance with our knowledge and mastery. However we can not forecast or control all possible conditions of this MSDS and our products used . Also we can not guarantee the applicability of this MSDS and our products used in all special conditions. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy itself as to the suitability and completeness of such information for their own particular use.For further details, please contact our business representative or our Quality Assurement Department directly.Tel:86-518-85703930。